Create A Beautiful Wallpaper Frame From An Old Wooden Window Frame In 8 Easy Steps 2022

Have you ever wondered that you can make such wonderful craft items from old things lying in the storeroom of your house? In this project, a thrown-away window frame and unused fabric samples is given a beautiful look and have been transformed into wallpaper frames. If you have creative talent, lovely decorative pieces can be made instantly. In addition, it does not require expensive materials too!

Let us see now what materials we will require for this project.

The Supplies That Are Needed For The Project

  1. One old and salvaged window
  2. A few wallpaper samples
  3. A masking tape is required
  4. A can of spray adhesive
  5. Keyhole fasteners; 2 in number
  6. You require 4 washers
  7. Small wood screws: 4 in number
  8. Two felt pads
  9. Two drywall screws
  10. A sheet of corrugated cardboard
  11. A can of primer
  12. Any paint. You can choose the color (Benjamin Moore Aura).
  13. A newspaper is needed or a drop cloth.

The Tools That Are Needed For The Project

  1. You require a drill and also drill bit
  2. One ruler
  3. One pencil
  4. One screwdriver
  5. A utility knife
  6. One sponge paint brush
  7. You require a self-healing mat, a stud sensor and a level. These are optional.

Now, we shall learn how to make a wallpaper frame with these materials.  The steps are given below. Follow these steps,

Steps To Make The Wallpaper Frame

  1. As a first step, if there are any broken pieces in the frame, repair them with wood glue and nails. They need to be clamped together until the glue dries up. Smooth out the rough edges with a sandpaper and then dust the dirt from the window frame.
  2. In the second step, use a primer and paint the window frame in your favorite color. One can use the spray primer. If it is windy outside, then apply a nice paint color simply by hand. Keep a sponge paintbrush with you to give a smooth finish to the wooden window frame.
  3. Try and measure the openings in the window frame. Cut 18 equal pieces of cardboard. It means there will be 2 pieces for each opening.
  4. Then one has to choose the wallpaper samples and their arrangement inside the window frame.
  5. Take a cardboard piece as a template and then cut the different wallpaper samples to the right size. Here a self-healing mat, a utility knife and a ruler will be required.
  6. Use a spray adhesive and stick each wallpaper sample nicely to a piece of cardboard.
  7. After this, you will have to insert each wallpaper-covered piece of cardboard inside the window frame. You will have to put another piece of cardboard behind each so that the pieces fit in snugly. Use masking tape and tape these pieces properly.
  8. Just follow the seventh, eighth, and ninth steps for finishing the project. Hammer nails on the wall and hang it on the wall.

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