Effect Of Colors In Interior Design 2022 – Best Ways To Use Chromotherapy & Color Psychology

Chromotherapy is an alternative energy therapy that uses the corresponding colors to harmonize our body-soul-spirit. All colors have their effect on emotional energies, sensations, and even, according to experts in color therapy, certain areas of health.

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Every color has its own impact on different areas of our soul and the healing power to improve our senses.


A bright welcoming color. It shows enthusiasm, happiness and interpersonal communications.

Red is the color that stimulates your passion, your leadership skills, courage and the love for life and adventure. People identified with the energy of red are innovative, enterprising and full of ideas.

People identified with red usually are entrepreneurs, innovative and full of ideas.

Red helps to cure fatigue, coronary and heart diseases. It can help improve circulatory problems such as cold hands and feet, hardening of the arteries, anemia, and fatigue.


Brown is the color of the earth and the natural world, it is a color full of practical energy. It suggests security and solidity from where you can start to grow. The color to lay the foundations of a good beginning.

The person dominated by this color is usually full of great projects to carry out. He/She is a deep thinker and can be very firm, confident, stubborn, and determined.

It can help to produce well-being and stability, as well as a feeling of warmth in the home.


Violet means stress free, calm, self-control, dignity and aristocracy. It represents greatness.

People identified with this color usually are stubborn, always the ones trying to make their opinions adopted and heard, they hate criticism and they feel they are above the rest of the world.

It is associated with imagination and psychic inspiration. The energy of purple combines sweetness with strength.

It can help to promote relaxation and sleep. It lowers blood pressure and also controls and regulates fever.

It can help to: treat any type of internal inflammation, as well as heart palpitations or headaches


Black expresses seriousness, nobility, regret and decency. Black stimulates auto-discipline.

Black is a symbol of formality and convention and dignity. It can help if you use black to stimulate self-discipline. 


White expresses the idea of innocence, peace, childhood, stability and calm.

White is the color of perfection, where everything tends to go together.

Dress in white and reload the color in your body.


It is the symbol of contemplation and heaven. It has two predominant aspects. One refers to the communication process, so it helps to express what is inside. The other to the experience of rest and calm.

The person influenced by blue values ​​honor, integrity, and sincerity and is often comfortable with what they do.

Blue is good to balance stress, sore throat, hoarseness and to regulate body temperature.


It is the color of hope. It can express: nature, youth, rest and balance.

It projects tranquility, balance in the sentimental and allows to express feelings more freely.
The person influenced by green is usually sensitive, socially conscientious, kind and selfless.

It can help neutralize a bad mood. The feelings of claustrophobia can be countered with the vibe of green.


It is the color affection and love. Represents naiveness, kindness, and the absence of evil. It balances emotions; it is good to avoid confrontations, blame, and jealousy.

People identified with pink usually are sociable, communicative and imaginative.

It helps to reduce negative vibrations and violent emotions.


It is the color of light. It always radiates everywhere and on all things. It can mean fortune, teenage luck, laughter, and pleasure.

People identified with yellow are full of spiritual awareness, self-confident, and are fast learners.

This color helps to improve your self-confidence, reducing negativity and anxiety. It has the power to stimulate the gastric system in our organism and helps the digestive process.


Orange gives you vitality, is the color of hard work and success. It also symbolizes sexual pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, changes…

People identified with orange are self-confident and self-controlled.

Orange helps to make sexual encounters more enjoyable, overcoming monotonyand seriousness.

Orange helps to cure asthma and bronchitis.

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