How To Create Customized Framed Wall Art? Easy Techniques & Installation For Beginners In 2022

The framed wall art can either be purchased or you can mount your favorite pictures on a frame that will create a great piece of art. The frame is a good enhancement to wall art and decor since it adds an appealing appearance to the piece of art and plus it adds some form of class to the piece of art. Frames can be used for wall oil paintings contemporary or wall oil paintings hand-painted. It goes without saying that frames must suit the paintings you have.

Important considerations when choosing framed wall art

Choosing the right type of framed wall art for your wall will usually depend on the colour of the wall, size of the room and the type of premises whether it is your home or office. If you are decorating your home you are at liberty to go for a casual look but for the office it is advisable to go for a formal piece of art

The size of the room will also matter when choosing the framed wall art piece of art to hang on your wall. Frame art pieces add dimension and intensity to a room. If you room is small, art pieces with wide frames will add a dimension of with to the room, while those with long frames will add a dimension of length to your room. House oil paintings can be bigger than those you use for apartment as there’s more space in the house. Thus the frames can also bio bigger. For room oil paintings small neat frames will be ideal.

The colour of the walls will usually dictate the colour of the frame to get. Wall art and decor is supposed to enhance the appearance of the room. The art should therefore blend with the rest of the room. If the room is painted in bold colours, then you should get an art piece with frames with light colours. Neutral paint can accommodate any type of wall art as long as it is picked carefully to enhance the appearance of the room.

Techniques of hanging framed wall art

With framed wall art you can pick one piece of art to be the centre of attraction to the room or you can use several frame art pieces and arrange them artistically on your wall. If you are opting for a single art piece to be your centre piece, decide which side of the walls in the room will draw the intended attraction. For several art pieces, you are supposed to measure the size of the wall to determine the number of pieces that would fit comfortably on the wall. Choose art pieces that will create harmony since several contrasting pieces will just create a distorted image. Come up with an idea of how well to arrange the art pieces to bring out a spectacular decoration. Try out the different arrangements on a flat surface to see which one is the most striking of all before making a decision on the arrangement to go with.

Best Possible Way to Design the Wall Frames

In order to create a perfect picture of an aesthetically pleasing layout, it is necessary to prime as well as smooth the wall as per necessity. This will without doubt play a significant role in creating an aesthetically pleasing layout. You can always go shopping only after you have fully established the exact quantity of material one necessarily requires. It goes without the least doubt that establishing the precise size of the frames can be a brain teaser but it is definitely a simple task to build them in an appropriate manner. In order to build the frames always design a jig.

How To Install Wall Frames

  • Smoothing the walls: Firstly, it is necessary to prime and smooth the walls prior applying frames. Make use of 150-grit sandpaper and random-orbit sander.
  • Prime out the wall: Continue only after the prime dries out completely. Prior cutting and installing ensure to prime out the molding to save time.
  • Space Alignment: The space alignment should be no more than 2.5-3.5 inches. Stick to the chosen spacing around the entire room.
  • Measurement: Take the necessary measurement. It is necessary to mark as well as mark as where the outside corner necessarily lies.
  • Positioning: Make use of a jig to maintain the uniformity with respect to shape and size. Position the lines at a far distance.
  • Width Adjustment: Necessary to determine the width of the smallest frame designed. Make an effort to scrap against one of the lines.
  • Designing a Scrap: Design yet another piece of scrap to position it perpendicular the line. The two pieces combined must be shorter than the smallest frame.
  • Making a Uniform Frames: You must cut the design the molding into even pieces so as to design uniform frames. Make use of clamping piece of scrap.
  • Cutting and Molding: To achieve the desired length make a concerted effort to cut all the molding. Continue cutting till you get the desired pieces.
  • Adjusting Mitered Ends : Ensure application of wood glue to the ends of the mitered ends. The mitered ends must position itself to the jig.
  • Positioning Frames:  You must put the frames at a parallel position to the elements. The frames must be parallel to the wall corner.
  • Aligning the Frames: Prior placing the entire piece into the intended place, ensure that the frame aligns itself in a correct and appropriate manner.
  • Placing the Frames: To ensure that the frames look integral to the concerned walls make a concerted effort to fill nail holes.
  • Use of Paint Rollers: In order to paint the entire area, make use of a paint roller and paint brush. Paint the area from the chair rail down.

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