How To Decorate Your Wall? 50+ Wall Art & Decor Ideas For Your Home Renovation Project In 2022

Wall art ideas and decoration is playing wonders in the genre of interior decoration for homes and even offices. Here you will find top wall art trends that would certainly bring glamour to your house and even add a touch of elegance and beauty to your rooms.

Best Wall Art Ideas For This Year

Introduce a mix of modern decorative style and elegance to your rooms through innovative wall art trends and make them more attractive.

Pins And Jewelry Wall Art

Use your variety of jewelry as wall art decor to enhance the beauty of your room. Innovative decoration with such stuff would surely turn your drawing room into the most beautiful room of your house.

Art Boxes

Cool art boxes of various colors would definitely add elegance to your drawing room. You can also use this art-style for your bedroom. This may even act as a great replacement for granite wall tiles with a creative touch.

Dressy Wall Decor

This would perhaps be one of the innovative wall decals of wall art. Made of metal and hand-painted, this art gives the impression of hanging dress materials or gowns. Perhaps the decor item would suit the room where you would place your wardrobe.

Hanging Mirror Wall Art

An innovative idea in this genre would be hanging a full-length quality mirror. The design of the mirror might depend on your choice. It would also reflect the impression of the wall in its opposite direction and would depict your creative sense in interior decoration.

Wall Art Wall Paper

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Wallpapers artistic flavor is certainly returning back. Use one with dark and light shades on the walls of your dining room or kitchen. You can also replace them with ease.

Family Picture Wall Art Decor

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An innovative picture type of your kids through their growing age would also be turned into an attractive decorative item. Apart from being innovative, it would also usher the love and bond of your family throughout the air of your house.

Wooden Branch Wall Art

A designer wall art winter wooden branch effect on the walls would definitely attract the attention of your neighbors. Additional decorative lighting over it would turn the trick, even further. Use this as a wall art Christmas theme.

Window Picture Frame Wall Art

Turn your windowpane into a picture collage frame. These innovative wall art trends would definitely take the breath of your visitors away through their extraordinary effect.

Fabric And Starch Wall Art Idea

This wall art idea would expose your dynamic enthusiasm to renovate the appearance of your rooms. Dip a fabric cloth in starch and dry it to give a crispy feeling. Add scribbles on the cloth and hang it from the wall of your bedroom.

Wooden Wall Art Decor

You can also innovate with wooden decorations wall art style. Hang some wooden sticks in the shape of long pencils from the walls of your drawing room to give it a distinctive feature.

Do It Yourself Wall Art With Inexpensive Paper Coaster

Paper coasters are inexpensive and on the face of it, they might look insignificant. But they can easily be converted into a work of instant art. They can be especially useful for wall art and decor. Things that you will require are colorful cards, glue, scissors, and frames. You can also use double sticking tapes instead of cardstocks. Mounting the cardstocks or the sticking tapes on frames taken out of shelves, one can create some exotic artifacts. Square shadow boxes available at the craft stores can be the best material for creating thick coasters definition. The result would be attractive wall art and decor.

Exclusive wall art decor ideas would help you turn your home into a fashion statement and improve your sense of styling and decoration according to changing needs. Add a personal touch to your home through innovative wall decor ideas with a modern and classic artistic sense.

Exclusive Piece Of Wall Plaques

Plaques are not just mere metal or crystal used for making shields and utensils, but these metals sometimes might become a cheap art and a beautiful piece of artistic décor when used as the wall plaques. Now when I say cheap wall art and decor do not be misled because it does not really mean ugly, poor, and cheap in quality, but it is an exclusive piece of art that decorates the walls at considerably cheap price rates. There are wide ranges of varieties of plaques available in the market such as wood, stone, metal, and crystal wall plaques. You can pick the wall plaques of your choice and blend them with the furniture in your home to enhance the beauty of the room.

This cheap art with plaques adds beautiful character to the wall art and decor creates elegance to the spaces available. If the plaques last only for one week to one month, then it would not be worth investing in these plaques. Therefore instead of choosing delicate and breakable wall plaques, it is better to opt for something more sturdy and strong at the same time enhances the modern outlook to the wall. When you combine different varieties of other decorations along with the wall plaques then it creates a magnificent beauty.

There are two types of wall plaques available. They are indoor and outdoor plaques. The outdoor varieties are used as accents in your garden and as an emblem of your family names. But the indoor wall art and decor plaques are made of brass, resin, or stone with decorations of your choice

Snowmen Fence Made Of Ice Cream Sticks

You can use the sticks of ice cream to create fence wall art for decorating your kid’s room. Use cotton, pom-poms and buttons to make the face of snowmen.

Tea Stains Art

Stain a piece of cloth with tea and make some decorative drawings over it. Frame it and hang it from the wall.

Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls

Used stuff like toilet papers, marble papers, paper towel rolls and spray paint to create an attractive wall decor.

Easy Fabric Wall Art

Attractive wall art pieces made from fabric painting have enhanced the beauty of your room.

Embossed Plaques

Washed lightly with brown stain, embossed metal helps in capturing an antiquity look. These four pieces of wall art will add a glamour quotient to your drawing-room.

Early Winter

Custom glass-coated images of early winter will also make attractive wall art decors for your room. It will even have a touch of the chill of the winter season.

Redwood Poster

I will also suggest image posters of Redwood as a good wall art idea that will increase the beauty of the house.

Scroll Of Oriental Wall Art

A scroll of oriental wall art with beautiful scenery will also serve as a better idea to decorate rooms, this winter season.


If anyone is a fantasy freak like me, I will urge him or her to go with a seahorse wall art material for his or her drawing-room. The uniqueness of the legendary animal and the flamboyant mesmerizing color will definitely add to the mood of the room.

Candle Stand Decor

This wall art decor item with the feeling of a branch of a tree, with innumerable designer candle stands, has been perfect for my bedroom. This elegant item is sure to add beauty to the overall decor of the house.

Candle Holder

Anyone can even go for a designer metal wall art candle holder. The metallic circular designs with leaf-like structures add the needed attractiveness to the rooms.

Canvas Decal With Light

A grand piece of wall decorative item easy to be made at home. A large canvas, spray printed and made attractive by using various stickers and wall decals. The effect of the light from behind makes a huge difference to the grandeur of the room.

Wall Art Illuminated Branch

Framed branches with LED lights will certainly add sparks to the home atmosphere.

Window Fill Wall Art

Wall art of window fill adds an attractive quotient to the windowpanes of the house.

Kirigami Motif Wall Art

Kirigami as wall art decor items, fold any paper and make small cuts over it. Unfold the paper to get various attractive designs. Frame it and hang it over the walls.

Fish Scale Wall Art Decor

Another innovative idea to enhance the beauty of the room. Wall art decor items, giving an illusion of colored scales of fish will definitely increase the beauty of any room.

Artwork Of Linen And Paper

Paper works on linen have brought about exclusive and attractive decorative value-oriented wall art pieces.

Wooden Framed Box

Chalking out wooden framed box-like designs, by using planks of wood on the walls, even crafted out decorative wall art items.

Wire Embroidery

A deviation from traditional decorative methods, you can use wire to create embroidery on a piece of colorful cloth and framed it.

Black Paint Wall Art

The idea of abstract black painting and will add grandeur to the rooms, enhancing its glamour.

3d Wall Art Panel

Innovative 3D wall art panels will even work out effectively to enhance beauty, especially walls adjacent to the staircases.

Photos On Scrapbook Paper

You can create a decorative item by cutting out your favorite picture and pasting it on scrap paper.

Canvas Frame Wall Art Decor

You can capture the happiest moments with your child and frame them gorgeously.

Cupcake Wrappers Wall Art

Different sizes of wrappers of cupcakes can be used to make the attractive decoration of walls.

Innovative Curved Frames Wall Decor

You can hang curved frames at the corner of the walls, to bring innovation within the decorative nature.

Initial Letters Of Your Name As Wall Decor

Painted and sprayed with colors, have aroused the attention of many visitors of my home.

Mirror Magic

A variety of mirrors gorgeously framed adores the walls of the resting room of your house; a few grounded glassed ones raising the attention of everybody.

Wall Art Mirrors

Mirrors as wall arts adore the walls beside the staircase of your house. The reflection of the opposite positions of the house makes the view even more beautiful.

Abstract Wall Art

Wall art formed by abstract color combinations just on the way to the storeroom of my house has added a thrilling point to the region. Many visitors have appreciated the idea.

Winter Tree Wall Art Decals

Stylish wall art decals of winter trees will certainly boost the glamour of your house. The branches of the winter trees will surely give a distinct look to the rooms.

Leafy Tree Wall Art

Sticker projecting a tall tree with innumerable colorful leaves add glamour to the dining room of my house.

Mural Wall Art Decor

Installation of attractive murals on a part of the walls of my drawing room has enhanced the overall attractiveness of my room.

Ceramic Sculpture As Wall Art

You can even decorate outside walls of your house with ceramic sculptures, with human figures and faces.

Adventure Time Wall Art

My little kid’s room is decorated with such wall arts and that is even appreciated by him. They depict abstract faced of animals like dogs, cats, etc.

Paper Roll Wall Art

I had once used various colored papers for making attractive shapes and designs of flowers as wall art. They depicted an abstract form, though, yet became a hit among my neighbors.

Wall Art Using Toilet Paper

Various kinds of attractive watt art decors adorn the walls of my washroom, with a silhouette-like appearance adding glamour to my room.

Collage Wall Art

These wall art decor items made from recycled paper and colored marble papers work wonders to increase the attraction of my entire house. Innumerable shapes and abstract art designs adorn the walls of my home.

3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels through the corridors of my house add extra glamour to the appearance of the otherwise mundane corridors.

City Scape Wall Arts

While reading a blog by Bethany Nauert on home decoration on the site I have truly inspired by the author’s idea of using the cityscape wall arts to fill up an empty wall. I never like to keep the walls of any room barren. Bare walls not only look bad but also are prone to different types of natural and chemical excitements that may cause damage.

Now I have a better option with me to cover the walls of the drawing-room. “I loved the idea of the full wall cityscape image. What a wonderful homage to any town and a clever way to fill your empty walls.” Really I also tried the cityscape wall art on my drawing room and it seemed that I have just painted the walls. The Sticker appeared as hand-paints when the sunlight was on it. I preferred the idea of using the Cityscape wall art because it is really a great option to pay homage to my hometown as the author believes. I have used other decorative items according to the color scheme of the wall arts.

Cityscape wall arts are the most recommended decorative item nowadays. Choosing one according to the position of the room is important.

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Abstract DIY Wall Arts

While searching for some easy DIY wall arts, I came across Here, the author has posted in some very interesting and easy-to-make DIY wall arts. These are fashionable as well as consuming much less time to make. I could conclude this not through the author’s posts, but with my own trial. In the first project, the author has posted in a bubble structure, which seems attractive as well as is easy to make. The next project comprises of transformation of multiple images onto canvas pics; this is an elegant addition to your walls.

The third project posted by the author was quite artistic, it is a deer carved out of reclaimed wood and a bedboard silhouette. The fourth one, which is a lunch break craft, is simply a one-minute golden confetti project.  The fifth project is an abstract one, quite elegant with an artistic touch. The sixth note is very simple, low cost, good in graphics; the seventh piece is all curved out of paints and sharpie.  The eighth project will turn your leftover woods into an attractive 3D project. The ninth project is an art piece carved out of potatoes, paints, and paper. The tenth wall art is simple and made up of construction paper and glue. I have tried a few into elegant forms, the rest is yet left to be tried. You can pick out one of your choices from to decorate your walls.

Summary: The author has given an idea of some of the exciting DIY wall arts that are easy to create.


Do It Yourself – Text Art

The art form can be of various types. Art forms are grown especially from one’s imagination. Art from texts is the fast-growing form of modern art to reserve a special place for it in the market. This form of art is very easy to weave which attracts a large number of artists. This type of art requires less input.

All needed is just the old books which may be either textbook of schools and colleges or any other book which contains the text. The texts which are liked must be enlarged on a sheet of paper after trimming them from the pages. These texts are glued on a large piece of canvas which is then mounted by colorful tissue papers diluted in the water and glue mixture. When the tissue gets wet the words are revealed through them which creates a great impression of great wall décor.

Elegant Space Art

You can add flair and elegance to your room by hanging an exclusive piece of art on the spaces on your wall. The style, color, and shape of the wall pictures add a personal touch to your home. Selecting the proper wall art and decor pictures that are suitable for the wall and you can also select groups of canvas wall art and decor pictures that you can display diagonally or in symmetrical lines, in any creative patterns and ways that would really compliment the room. There are wide varieties of modern canvas art available in today’s world from which you can select according to the texture and medium used. But there are few other important factors involved in the selection of the perfect canvas art.

The real essences of the decorations are that the themes and ideas of the modern canvas arts that you choose should add elegance to the room. It can be either contemporary or modern arts but first understand the basic facts about the color, shape, and size that would really enhance the beauty of the home. Modern technology has actually benefited art lovers by creating exclusive pieces of modern canvas arts with increased brushstrokes in order to create a masterpiece of art. This gives a deep rich look to the painting and helps to dress up the wall.  These kinds of artistic works are becoming more popular than a traditional pieces of artwork. It is much less expensive. Though you do not have many ideas about the artwork you can create your own designs by triggering your imaginations and successfully decorate the wall with elegance.

Art From Colorful Stickers

Art forms are available plenty in the present day and art does not mean only drawing it may be of various types such as painting, crafting, etc and one of them is the wall art and decor stickers which are very famous as they are very unique with their distinguished features. Special stickers are available for the wall art to suit the various places of the house according to the space available for it.

The wall stickers are very to apply and stick which will not cause any damage to the wall or surroundings as it is created in such a manner to protect the wall from any damage. New technology of peel and stick has provided the customers a great relief to decorate their house at ant place without any much work.

These types of wall art and decor stickers are available in plenty with various designs which vary according to the taste of each individual and even children can decide to design their room with the latest stickers which increase the look of their house and hence people depend on the stickers on large rather than the paintings and other arts.

Multi-Printed Wall Art Canvas

A multi printed wall art canvas is perfect for contemporary drawing rooms because of the depth of the picture, which though is very funny. On a big canvas, different pictures on small paper cuttings have been attached to integrate collage themes in the form of wall art.

There are different themes like pictures of veggies, different commodities, beautiful things, and many more. It is good for a drawing-room because here so many people with individual temperaments come and they can match it with those pictures developed on the canvas. Looks great on a wall that is printed with light shades because the particular shades of the pictures in an individual stand in sharp contrast with the color of the wall.

Wall Art From Doll Clothes

Wall art and decor are of various types. One among them is the art from doll clothes. This form can be obtained by transforming the doll clothes into art. This type of can is done by ourselves. This art form may be done especially by girls as they have the habit of collecting dolls right from their childhood. If they have collected dolls as little girls then they can easily transform those designer outfits into creative arts. This kind of art is very suitable for girls which they can display in their rooms. Boys to do this kind of artwork by their willingness. This art form can be transformed into pretty works by installing glorious papers at the back of shadow boxes and fixing the outfits and accessories using double-sided tape to the paper hangings.

Art From Colorful Cards

Art types are those which can be done by one’s own imagination without the help of others.  When one wants to express his/her imaginary skills it can be well done in the form of modern art. When one considers presenting art without considering the price the best way is to prepare an art from the colorful greeting cards.

It is the type of wall art and decor that is done by painting a square with a color on the wall which contrasts the background which is then continued by pasting square cards which are spray-mounted onto same-size squares of foam-core board. These squares can also be created by trimming sheets of scrapbooking papers to size. When these works are completed they are attached to the square painted on the wall with double-sided carpet tape. Finally, when the art is completed it gives a great impression in the minds of the people who take a look at it.

Floral Canvases Wall Art

In day-to-day life walls, art and decor become very famous for their trend. Art from canvases is one type of wall art that can be done by oneself without much strain. For a fascinating wall display, this type of art requires the essential number of square canvases and a rectangular canvas from the store.  We can paint suitable pictures for our art on the square canvases and a base on the rectangular canvas. The art can be further made colorful by coloring the shapes with the colors of the taste and the final touch of the art can be given by the artist’s round brush to reveal the art as a great one among others.

Inspiration Wall Of Sketches

I am a regular visitor of and I recently read a post by Chris called “The Must List: The Inspired Room”. The author himself seems inspired by the blogs and lovely photos about room decoration.

I love to live in a room that makes me feel happy and thus the surrounding things must be able to make me smile or bring my memories alive. The author speaks about the fondness of reading Pinterest and magazines to get inspiration. Apart from the magazines, TV shows and blogs on home decoration are also inspirational.

I also check these references to get an idea about the best suitable decoration for my room. In fact, I can spend hours finding facts that why a certain picture or idea has inspired me.

Over the years, I have realized the fact that living life is the best source of inspiration. In fact, the same feeling is also mentioned by the author where he says, “While I love seeking out pretty things to look at, no single resource inspires me more than simply LIVING life. I’m so much more creative when I’m offline.”

I think my creative energy gets a bit lost when I surf the internet for ideas. Though it is my personal preference as many people find the internet as the best resource. You might be amazed to know that I don’t have a fetish for trendy stuff for my room decoration.

What I like is traveling and gathering experiences of different inspirational things. I do travel a lot with my family and it gives me a new meaning of life. Every time I come back from a tour, I add something to my room decoration, which reflects some Room Inspiration.

Apart from traveling, I like window shopping or drooling over magazines as I think these resources are highly inspirational.

The author explains, “I started designing my home office a few weeks ago, my jumping-off point for my design were some curtains I had drooled over at Anthropologie. While normally I would not spend that kind of money on curtains, THIS time, it was worth it to me.”

The intention of the author is to describe that sometimes we end up spending money on something that we usually stay away from. If anything worth giving a try, it should be implemented as it will always be a learning experience.

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Art Of Paper Colors

Colors from papers are unique because of their posture. Those colors can be transformed into great arts by one’s own imagination. This art can be made by forming layers from craft paper with different forms of color layers. This is a unique form of art that is created using favorite papers, letters, cards, and other unused items. The materials required to design these arts are frames, fabrics, assorted stamps, inks, colored papers, cutters, and adhesive tape. The best art is obtained by stamping the design on each layer which creates the best form of wall art and decor. When these layers are arranged they form the best art form to create long-lasting fame to the designers with its design.

Abstract Sunset Art

It is very easy to paint abstract pictures on your own when you follow simple steps like me. I first took a long white canvas and colored it with deep yellow. I left a few spaces blank to use other colors there. Then I covered the whole page with red color to make the picture gorgeous and attractive, leaving some yellow spots uncovered. I used black color to the rest of the paper, as black helps in mixing other colors properly. My intention was to draw a setting sun and that is why I used dark blue color at few places as well. I used the painting brush to use the colors on the paper.

While using the blue color, I spread a little amount of water to lighten the color at some places. It will give the real look of the sky when the sun is about to set. Actually, when sunsets, we see a variety of colors in the sky. Red, yellow, and blue is more prominent among them. That is why I used the three colors only to prepare my abstract picture.

The video really helped me to understand how to draw an abstract picture on my own. I hope you will also like the video.

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