How To Make A Modern & Artistic Home? Design Silhouettes And Handmade Stencils In A Trouble-Free Approach 2022

Supplies and tools necessary to make the stenciled dresser include a craft knife, interior latex paint, glass drawer pulls, steel wool, and overhead projector. Butcher paper and polyurethane clear finish are also necessary to design handmade stencils and silhouettes. In order to successfully conduct the preparation process, it is necessary to remove the associated hardware as well as detach the drawers from the dresser too. It is necessary to sand the surfaces that one contemplates to pain in a light fashion. One can make use of two possible options of furniture painting that can prove to be a perfect match. The two options of painting furniture that can work in a fine and appropriate manner areas highlighted below:

  1. Spray Paint
  2. Latex Interior Paint

Spray Paint

Spray paint is always a preferable painting furniture method. The possible drawback associated with spray paint remains in the fact that one must choose from a limited color range.

The other possible steps involved in the making of handmade stencils and silhouettes include making a stencil, painting the stencil, painting a coat of polyurethane clear coat, and associating new hardware as well.

Hardware Replacement

One of the easiest and quickest methods to update an existing piece of furniture is by simply replacing the hardware. Necessary tools and supplies necessary to design paper silhouettes are as enlisted below:

  1. Frames
  2. Scissors
  3. Photographs
  4. Scrapbook Paper
  5. White Card Stock
  6. Photo Copier

Search Appropriate Silhouette Shots

It is necessary to search for appropriate images depicting silhouette shots. It is required to print the silhouette shots on paper sheets of dimension 8-1/2-*11 inches paper sheets. Next, it is necessary to position the scrapbook paper in a back-to-back position.

Attach Silhouette and Frame

Lastly, in order to impart a finishing touch, it is necessary to attach the silhouettes and frame them in an appropriate manner. This will certainly make mind craving silhouettes in an effortless approach.

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