Before you start designing your room you need to take measurements of the room. Once you have your measurements you can draw a basic plan, to help you see if the furniture you want in the room, will fit.

To quickly and accurately measure distances or lengths, you need a tape measure. Tape measures are the most common measuring device available for purchase. They usually come in a range of sizes and they are available in either metal or fabric materials.

For measuring rooms you need at least a 5 metre/16 foot retractable metal tape measure. You can pick these up in most hardware stores or from Amazon. Alternatively you could use a laser measuring device. I like the old fashioned way though, it’s much more fun!

How Exactly Does a Tape Measure Work?

Most retractable tape measures usually have a thin metal rule (known as a blade) with a hook or small grip on the end. Because they are spring loaded they usually have a locking button. This is to stop the extended blade retracting back while you are trying to measure

Tape measures have lots of uses. They can be used to measure distances, heights, widths, or depths.

Extended tape/blade showing centimetres with millimetres in-between.

Using The Tape Measure

Step 1: Before you start measuring. Make sure that the object that you want to measure is stable and doesn’t move. If you want to measure walls or floors, make sure you have an area clear of furniture. This is so you are able to run the tape the length of the wall or floor. This may mean that you have pull the bed, sofa or cabinet away from the wall.

Step 2: Measure from the point where the two ends meet to the point where you want to know the distance.

Step 3: To measure distances, place one end of your tape measure on a starting point and stretch it out. Keep extending it until it touches an end point. Then use the locking button to hold the tape/blade in the extended state while you check the measurements.

When measuring in feet, remember to count the number of inches in between each foot mark. when measuring in meters, remember to count the centimetres and or millimetres in-between each metre mark.

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