Looking For Some DIY Home Decoration Ideas During Pandemic? Adorable Hand Made Wall Art Gifts For A Special Day In 2022

While searching for worthy gift ideas, I stumbled upon craftynest.com, where I saw the author portraying a complete solution to valentine gifts. Here, a handbag set, filled with coin pouches, eyeglasses, pen tissues, and business cards were made with a short portion of fabric and easy methodologies. “I started with a thin piece of fabric and completed the work within hours, and there were leftovers even after the whole set was completed”, quotes the author. If you abide by the author in terms of less time-consuming and fewer law materials, then this craft will be ideal for you.

Raw Materials Required For The Craft

  • Small piece of reversible, thick fabric about a size of 15 inches square
  • Broad polyester ribbon of 5/8 inches
  • Broad polyester ribbon of 3/8 inches
  • 4 inch paper
  • Thick bundle of thread

These are the simple raw materials, which you require for this craft, and you can carve out a complete handbag texture with these.

Tools Required For This Craft

  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • Sewing machine
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Scissors
  • Metal ruler
  • Lighter

The author’s blog at craftynest.com portrays a simple technique to carve out a complete handbag set of fine fabrics with these simple raw materials and easy tools. The sizes of the fabric required for this craft have been clearly portrayed by the author, in fact, the folding and shifting techniques are often easy and you need not be an expert artisan for creating this Valentine Day Gift. Only you need to follow a good folding and stitching technique to execute this masterpiece. Even, this is an experiencing project, from where you can carve out other samples as well. You need to dedicate a time of few hours and properly follow the tips given by the author on craftynest.com in order to make your partner happy with this gift.

Source: http://www.craftynest.com/2011/02/handbag-set-coin-purse-tissue-pouch-pen-sleeve-eyeglass-case-business-card-pocket/

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