Modern Age Wall Art Décor: Trendy Carpets And Rugs On Your Wall 2022

With emerging new dimensions of modern art concepts and varied decorative patterns, rugs have also entered into the arena of wall art decor in modern buildings. Carpets are really turning out to be the modern theme of wall art decorations in the present age and the results are just awesome. The idea of the material, so far used to enhance the majestic nature of floors, is now adorned on extensive walls to create a unique fashion statement.

Oriental Silk Carpet

An Oriental silk carpet would surely be decorated over any wall surface to give a gorgeous effect to any room, especially the drawing rooms. Navajo hand-crafted rugs would certainly be the best choice for this purpose. Apart from these, carpets carved out of native American inspiration or even French Aubusson certainly offers a remarkably special contribution as decorative wall hangings.

Handmade Quilts

Handmade quilts can also be an alternative wall décor piece. Modern fabric stores offer an innumerable variety of upholstery fabric or that tapestry one, which can be hung on the wall using strong wires or special hangers. The quilt wall décor idea would definitely become the center of attraction of your bedroom. Fabric remnants are recently turning out to be the focal point of diversified wall decorative quotient in the modern era.

Hanging Rugs

However, hanging rugs, carpets, or fabric over the walls, adjacent to the staircase, or any room of modern buildings might become a hectic task. Effective hanging runners or tacking boards for carpet would certainly come in handy for such a purpose. The equipment would eventually help the carpets or rugs hang from the wall effectively, without tipping off.

On the other hand, it is highly necessary to install these holders firmly over the walls of modern majestic buildings. Nailing the ends of these carpet holders and boards to the wall would ensure proper installation. Zbar hangers can be effectively used to hang carpets as wall décor items.

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