Modern Artistic Home Renovation Project 2022: Clay Your Way To A Beautiful Interior

A home that is creatively and uniquely decorated speaks volumes of its residents. You may prefer an ultra-modern look or an earthly, country home style. The theme you choose is a reflection of your personality. However, there are also other considerations; the existing design and layout of your house are important and your choices may be limited by the budget you have available. If you are looking for a low-cost solution, you can achieve a charming, rustic and earthly image by using clay-based objects to accessorise your home. Given its versatility, clay art can also be used alongside a more contemporary theme, especially when created in an abstract fashion with striking colours. From wall tapestries to stunning table centrepieces, clay can help you to create a sophisticated overall design theme that fits in perfectly with your tastes.

Narrowing Down Your Choice Of Materials

Art and crafts are the centrepieces of an interior decor theme. If they come together well, the result can be outstanding. If mismatched and at odds, it can completely ruin your interior design. When you are selecting the materials to use to decorate and accessorise your home, you need to be aware that some do not mix well. This is why you will need to be careful when making your base material decisions. For instance, you will need to decide whether your design concept will be achieved with glass, crystal, wrought iron, bronze, ceramic, fabric, wood or clay to name a few. With each material, the overall image you can achieve will be different. A home can be decorated in a modern, chic style with glass and steel objects. Wrought iron, cast iron, bronze and brass can come together with wood to provide an antique look. China and ceramic art and crafts can give your home a classic image. Clay, being quite versatile, can project a rustic, country home style or a modern, artistic image.

Source: – Imagination Mirrors Daisy Clay Wall Art from Antique White Clay.

How To Make Clay Work For You

Many different forms are produced by moulding clay into different shapes. These can include pots, figurines and various other ornaments. Although clay has been around since 6000 BC, it was used mainly for storing grain and as cooking utensils. Over the years, clay objects have gained popularity as tasteful and unique items that can be used in home decor. They can add a touch of homeliness and an earthen effect to your kitchen, a lively and colourful image to the dining room and an arty, glamorous touch to the living room. Best of all, clay is an affordable decor option for your home as it is a fraction of the price of crystal, wood or bronze.

Some find the task of decorating a home quite a challenging and stressful task. This need not be the case, and you can actually use this as an avenue to express your own creativity and make a statement about your tastes. However, there are a few factors that need to be considered when decorating your home with clayware. Keep in mind the below tips and your clay play can be a favourable decorating experience.

  • Surroundings – Clay art must be chosen to suit the surroundings and rest of the decor of the room or the entire home. When being incorporated into a modern home, coloured clay objects, polymer or metal mixed ones will give that cutting edge style. A country home would be the ideal setting for natural clay art, unfired or fired without colour.
  • Colours – The colours of the objects need to match or contrast properly. Multi-coloured, brightly painted clay can be beautiful and give a glitzy flamboyance to the decor, whilst rustic oranges, deep reds and golden yellow clay art objects are ideal for country homes. A touch of contemporary taste can be added with a forest green or blue vase or bowl placed at odd intervals amongst the more rustic items. The authentic brown range, from reddish-brown to black-brown, can also be considered for classic appeal.
  • Furniture – The artefacts should also match the colours of the furniture in the house. Most country style homes are furnished with wooden furniture and colourful cushions. Placing clay art in the right place to blend well with the furniture and upholstery is an important consideration. A clay wall tapestry, a large clay pot by the fireplace, a fruit basket on the dining table, or a clay art object on the book shelf are just few examples how these objects can match with various pieces of furniture.

Choose your clay objects carefully and you could really make a difference to the overall appearance of your home. Plus, with the relatively low price you will pay for these artefacts, you may find that you can achieve an attractive design for an even more attractive price.


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