Interior design is not just about how your space looks but also how it feels. Some people like the hippie-vibe with earth-tone colours and furniture made from recycled materials. Others prefer a more modern, sleek style with clean lines and a minimalistic vibe. There’s no wrong way to design an interior space. As long as you make it the way you want to live in it.

Interior design styles come and go depending on trends and what’s popular at the time. The modernist movement of the 1950s emphasized clean lines and sparse furniture. The 1960s brought in bohemian dressing for your living room with bright colours and moody lighting. The 1980s brought in opulent living rooms with shiny gold everything and a manicured lawn out front. The 1990s brought us to today’s minimalistic trend. Where high end finishes are employed sparingly on a white background for maximum impact.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what style you choose as long as it works for you and your home!

It is, though, important to know what your interior design style is before you start designing your home. To do this, you will need to look at the colours, textures, and styles that you already have in your home. It’s also helpful to take a photo of each room in your house. Then go through them later with a friend or family member.

You could also take a trip to your local interiors store, to get a feel for the different styles that exist. Go through magazines or browse online websites to find inspiration. You might even want to ask friends or family members about their favourite stores or designers. They can then give advice on how to find what you like best in your budget range. Once you have an idea of what you like, you can start looking for furniture and accessories that fit your style. Be mindful about the colours you are looking at when picking out furniture pieces.

A lot of people don’t know what they want in terms of design style. Although most people have a general idea of what they don’t want! So once they’ve found what they don’t want, it’s easier to find out what they do want.

If you are still trying to decide what type of home décor style would be best for you, Here are some questions to consider:

– Do you like clean lines or do you prefer a more ornate style?

– Will your furniture be mostly traditional or modern?

– Do you want everything at home to match perfectly or do you prefer something different?

The most important thing in interior design is matching the colour scheme, furniture styles, and patterns. The combinations you choose will either create a flow or clutter for your home.

So, what’s your favourite interior design style?

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