Which Upright Vacuum Brand Is Best To Buy In 2022: Hoover Or Dyson?

If you are looking for the best upright vacuum then you have to consider two major vacuum brands.

Hoover and Dyson.

Each company makes a fine product. There are differences between the particular models each company makes.

Below is a discussion about the benefits of each brand and why one might be more appealing than the other.

The Power System

The first thing to compare when looking at the two brands is their power system.

Hoover uses a patented Windtunnel Technology, while Dyson uses a specially patented Cyclone technology.

The two designs are very similar and neither has a big advantage over the other.

The Hoover Windtunnel design was engineered to improve the suction of the vacuum. The problem that you find with most regular vacuums is that they cannot pick up most of the dirt and debris that they pass over.

The Windtunnel fixed this problem. Hoover vacuums are now equipped with an advanced design that lets the vacuum pick up dirt, dust, and debris without clogging or losing power.

“Only Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology utilizes three distinct air channels to lift and remove the hidden, deep down dirt that other vacuums leave behind.”

The Dyson Cyclone technology is very similar.

The cyclone technology spins the air at a very high rate and this prevents any clogging or slowing down of suction.

The added benefit is that it prevents the need for bags. The high speed of the cyclone design filters the debris to the bottom of the vacuum internal canister.

Bagless Vacuum?

The next difference is that all Dyson brand vacuums are bagless, while only some Hoover vacuums are bagless. If you want a canister vacuum, then any Dyson brand vacuum will work for you.

Only some Hoover vacuums come with a bagless design. There are people who want a bagged vacuum, so for those people, they can choose Hoover.


The biggest difference is maneuverability. The Dyson has patented ball technology. Essentially what this means is that the vacuum sits on a large ball that allows the operator to move the unit wherever they wish.

This was a brilliant innovation by Dyson engineers.

Hoover vacuums work with wheels. This is not as easy to move as the Dyson brand vacuums. There are some Hoover models that come with a self-propelled feature.

The self-propelled feature is a nice addition, but it is not as easy to use as the integrated ball design of the Dyson vacuums. If you want a vacuum that is incredibly easy to move about your home then the Dyson is the clear winner.


The last difference between the two brands is price. You will pay more for the Dyson vacuums. There are significant savings to owning a Dyson, however. They are canister vacuums, which means that you will never have to buy a vacuum bag. Also, the Dyson brand is well known to be very sturdy and they last a long time.


Overall the Dyson is the superior brand of vacuum. Take a look at the different models yourself and see which one you like. You can find a great deal online and can save a significant amount of money.

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