You Want To Have An Aesthetic Gaming Room But Don’t Know Where To Start? Best Wall Decor Theme Ideas For Gamers In 2022

Self-expression comes in many forms; it may come out on your clothing choices, your personal style, the accessories you sport, the ink on your skin, the color of your nail polish, even the decor on your wall.

Nowadays, people are not limited to the usual ways of expressing their thoughts and ideas—if before the way to conceive things is to write literature or to paint oil on canvass, recent times and the advent of the internet broadened self-expression to include blogging on avenues such as Tumblr, gave an opportunity for broadcasting what’s on your mind through social networking sites like Twitter, and bridging relationships for people with common interests through gaming sites like partypoker.

These real money sites, aside from providing your daily dose of the universal card game and giving you an opportunity to compete in the prestigious World Poker Tour, have a community or virtual lounge where poker enthusiasts can exchange strategic methods and ideas to up their game. Indeed, the world has become a more close-knit society due to technological advancement.

Lately, gamers have emerged due to the World Wide Web boom. There’s been a demand for sharper graphics, better gameplay, a powerful storyline, and more interesting characters as game developers struggle to compete with each other. Gamers have their own personal favorites, and this is evident not only on their Facebook page but also in their way of living—shirts, bags, and fashion sense all mirror their preferred game. Wall decor is no exception. Here are a few ideas for wall art of the gamers:

Poker Themed

Remember that old rug that hung on our living room wall when we were kids, the one where dogs play poker? You may opt to bring it out again for a vintage feel. You can also have your poker chips scattered on the wall in artful disarray. Buy several decks of cards (which are dime-a-dozen on the flea market) and have them tacked on one portion of your bedroom. These decorations, which you’ll associate with amusement, will relax you when you’re having a stressful day.

RPG Themed

Role-playing games are all the rage today, probably because the simulation adds to the hype. Imagine being an actual part of all the action, minus the pain. The gore and the noise will always be there. This is your time to be adventurous on your wall decor; splash on some dark paint, attach some cheap stickers of jungle trees and plants, and add a cupboard full of your old GI Joes and toy guns. The soldier vibe will pump you up in no time.

Mario Themed

Admit it, no one is old enough for the Mario Bros. Even professional wall decorators have this on their array of designs, either for kids’ bedrooms or family game rooms. You might want to sketch and paint your own Mario art and involve the kids in the project.

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